Saturday, May 15, 2010

Actizen Products Review

I have been using 2 sets of these products by now. so i guess it's time to make a review.Still remember when my skin had sensitivity problems i saw a dermatologist and she just advised me to use johnson & johnson soap only and stop using all products. It does make miracle!!of course i was on medication then! After 2 months, i recovered fully and she advised me to choose mild products as my skin is very prone to sensitivity. Then i choose to use Actizen.We can't get them from counter or pharmacies. They are sold at Beauty salon or direct through actizen company. The beautician actually recommended this set for me which are very mild and no strong fragrance in them. The saet consists of a gel cleanser,vitality essence,intensive Moisturization essence,advaced hydration moisturizer and a night intensive moisturizer.
This is the light get form cleanser.It is a 3 in 1 cleanser which are cleasing,toner and make-up removal.However, if you apply make-up, it is better to remove your make-up with milk form cleanser. This cleanser costs RM180.
This is the Vitality Purifying essence. It is to prevent blackheads and whiteheads and also pimples. I think this one isn't that effective though. Cost bout RM180 too.
Then, this is an oil free water restoration to your skin. Very suitable for sensitive skin.It costs bout RM180 too.
This is to be used after the is an oil free moisturizer.Rm180
Eventually, this is the night cream that is to be used at night time. This night cream is to repair your skin at night. It costs about RM350. For this price, i think this night cream is not value for the money.

Conclusions, this set of products are only good to be used during sensitivity. In term of making wonders??NO.On top of that, the products aren't cheap. Anyway, if you are interested you can always visit Actizen website.:)


Anonymous said...

hi there..was google around to see the review fot his product... its really pricy huh!!! hm so u dont see any remarkable result then even until now..?

I am Elizabeth Lim Jia Win said...

Yeah...I have been using 3 sets of the products and I didn't see any amazing result!!So I don' think I will buy again...anyway...It is good for sensitive skin.As these range of products are quite mild and gentle.

Li Ya said...

Actizen is by far the best skincare product I have used. Really helped get rid of my multiple oil cysts...incl the scars... totally!! But of course, this took around 3 months in total but I saw results after just a week. You have to use the set that they recommend and don't mix with other products. Don't give up on it.... you have to use it for a longer term to see good results!!

Cynna said...

this is my favourite skincare brand!!!! worth every $$$ I pay! don't mean to boast but my skin is the best it has ever been in so long.. have been using actizen for close to 2 yrs now!!!!

Woon said...

Where can I get this product? Any agents or office? The agent who used to supply me the actizen sunblock couldn't get the stock again.