Friday, April 9, 2010

Lei Cha, My Favourite foods

My Hakka Lei Cha Creations
I just love the bitterness of greens in this soup!Yummy

I still remember when i first introduced to Lei Cha 6 years ago by an organic cafe owner, i just couldn't accept the taste as it taste quite weird for the very first time.On top of that greenish smell, I have taken the tea soup cold.So that was why i felt it was not delicious.Then after a few weeks,i tried again at the organic cafe and it was served HOT and tell you what, i immediately fell in love!!!!!From that day onwards,im crazy for it!!Still remember that i had lei cha for thrice a week for 1 year long!!!!!Insane isn't it??

Nowadays, i will crave for this dish on and off...I don't mind eating this frequently but just that the organic cafe i love to have this dish is quite far away...or else i will be having it FREQUENTLY...

Recently, the crave becomes stronger,so i decided to make my own version of lei cha.:)and it tastes really yummy!!I just love the varieties of vegetables and the bitterness in the tea soup.Well, its not hard to do but its just a bit of trouble as we need to cut a wide varieties of vegetables selection into thin strips. Then we need to blend the herbs and nuts and seed together to form a soup paste.

So,i would like to share some knowlegge of Lei Cha and also the recipe.

Lei cha (擂茶; léi chá; literally "pounded tea") is a
Hakka-Tea Based beverage or gruel consisting of a mix of tea leaves that are ground or pounded together with various roasted nuts,seeds and grains.

Lei Cha has become more and more famous for its health goodness. The goodness are:

Physical value: Enhance slimming & body detoxification
Pharmacological value: Fatigue prevention, vitality promotion, physical improvement, improves body functions, ease digestion, ease chronic bronchitis, prevent hypertension & hardening of arteries, effective for chronic rheumatic and arthritic, inhibiting cancer cell growth, helps treat diabetes, enhance relaxation & improves good sleep.

Lei Cha Recipe


Vegetables selections: Choi Sum, Kai Lan(Kale), leeks,potato leaves,lettuce,pak choy,long beans, kai choy, tofu and choy pou(pickled sweet radish) etc.,cooked rice.

Nuts and Seeds: Roasted Peanuts, white sesame seeds, black sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and etc.

Lei Cha Paste: basil leaves. peppermints, ai chao, corriander leaves, tian qi leaves(optional),some roasted peanuts and sesame seeds(grinded), green tea leaves or matcha powder)

1)Cut the vegetables you choose to thin strips and fried them individually.
2) For the paste, cut all the herbs into thin strips and blend with some water and mix in grinded roasted peanuts and sesame seeds into the paste.
3)Arrange the vegetables on the plate
4) The soup is made with the herb paste and some matcha powder and salt to taste and with little bit of G powder and mix with hot boiling water.
5)Mix all vege and also rice with the Lei cha soup.

Happy trying!

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